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At last you have mixed your song. But you hear it on your home stereo or car and your album doesn't look like what you've heard in the studio.

That really important - song lacks of dynamic, power, space, deepness, brightness... Why does your record need mastering? When you're through mixing, your work is not finished.

Mastering adds polish, it sounds more than just a record... it becomes a work of art. The songs work together seamlessly, their sound can take on a dimensionality and life that enhances even the best mixes.

Mastering is the final step in the production process of a recording. The recording being mastered will be set to an appropriate volume level, to make it comparable with other commercial recordings. If you plan on releasing your recorded material - you will probably need to have it mastered.

The material may require compression, equalization, reverberation and perhaps some editing. The most critical aspect is to insure that material will sound good when listened to through various playback systems, such as in the car, on the radio, off a boom box and through a high quality speaker systems.

We provide professional quality Audio Mastering and Audio Restoration for Music Production, DJ performances, Live, Concert, Spoken tapes to CD / DVD transfer.

Question - Why For Free?
Answer - Because We Can!

How to send Your Track for Mastering

Use SendSpace. Put individual track into folder with exactly name of the song. Then compress this folder with Rar or Zip archivator, which you may also lock with password. Do not forget to send us the link for downloading your song. Use the contact in Skype: basskraft-studio

Technical specifications - In order to ensure best possible results, I ask you to consider several points relating to the delivery of your mix for mastering:

  • File format: Wav or aif.
  • Bit resolution: As high as possible. 32 bit floating point if possible or 24 bits.
  • Sample rate: 44.1 kHz for CD Redbook, 48 or 96 kHz for DVD audio or video.
  • Dithering: Please do not dither.
  • Beginnings and Endings: Allow enough time for edits. Please leave at least 1 second at the start of the recording. This applies in particular to tracks which have been mixed on analog consoles. Required preview running time "predict" fingerprints for denoising.
  • Total Compression and Limiting: Please NO Compressors, Limiters, Finalisers or similar! Do not add any Compression, EQ or Limiting to the final mix. Individual tracks can be processed, but the full mix should not.
  • Track labeling: Please give the song files the correct track number due to the desired order, for example "_09_BandName_-_SongName.wav"
  • Track list: Please do not forget to add your wishes and commentary. Information for CD text (Interpreter, Song name, Text, Music) and ISRC if desired.


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